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About QR codes

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two dimensional information storage tool. It is square shaped and it contains smaller squares. The information is encoded to the position of the small squares. Opposing to regular barcodes which are just one dimensional codes as the length of the lines does not hold information.

What kind of information can be stored in a QR code?

QR codes store series of alphanumeric characters and Japanese characters (kanji). The length of the stored information depends on the error correction level and characterset. You can create codes that give special commands to mobile devices. You can read more about this here.

What does error correction level mean?

The QR code has a special ability: if you loose a part of the code its content can be recovered. There are four error correction levels:

  • Level L 7% of codewords can be restored.
  • Level M 15% of codewords can be restored.
  • Level Q 25% of codewords can be restored.
  • Level H 30% of codewords can be restored.

FancyQRCode generator will automatically choose the best error correction level for you.

How much information can be stored in a QR code?

The amount of information stored in a QR code depends on the size and error correction level. Three example for alphanumeric characterset:

size error correction level maximum character count
33x33 L 114
49x49 M 221
73x73 Q 376

The structure of a QR code

The inner structure of a qr code is built from two contrasted squares (a dark one and a bright one) and these squares build a matrix structure. There is an important area around the code called a white margin ("quiet zone"). This is a clear area around the symbol where nothing is printed. This margin has to be 4 times wider than the inner squares.

There are some functional parts of the code which have to be present and cannot be recovered by error correction. These parts are required for reader applications to recognize the content. The most important parts are the four bigger square in the corners of the code. If you cover these functional parts with an image, the code becomes unreadable.

How to read a QR code?

There are many QR code readers available in your mobile device stores (Android Market, App Store, Windows Phone Marketplace). Besides these there are some online solutions as well.

What can I do with a QR code?

There are several commercial and business areas of use:

  • Product identification (i.e. barcode)
  • Billboards
  • Business cards
  • Advertisements
  • Merchandise products
  • Real estates
  • T-shirts

QR codes make printed advertisements measurable.

Mobile Codes - QR codes on mobile phone

QR codes can hold special content which give direct commands to a smartphones.
FancyQRCode QR code generator supports all of them, so use our generator to create codes which:

  • Redirect the user to a given web page
  • Redirect the user to a social profile (facebook, youtube etc.)
  • Call a given number
  • Send SMS/MMS to a given number
  • Add contact information to mobile address books
  • Show locations on map
  • Send e-mail to a given e-mail address
  • Download applications from Android Market or App Store

If you need more information about QR Codes:

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